A night out @Vesper @shelborne miami

Last night, I met up with an oldie but goodie friend and her husband, who happpen to be owners of the recently renovated Shelborne Hotel on South Beach. I arrived at the hotel and recieved a text message to head to the back to “Vesper”.  After asking the concierge where “Vesper” was, and mentioning who I was meeting, I was lead to the back of the hotel, past an al fresco dining area in front of the pool and through a large metal door, which turned out to be the entrance to the kitchen. As I curiously followed the gentleman c through the kitchen, I couldn’t help but feel like I was Henry (Ray Liotta) in Goodfellas, being escorted to a special gathering, the way a VIP should.

The restaurant was very retro, dimly lit to perfection and intimate. The red leather booths, combined with steel railings were enveloped in wall-to-ceiling vintage black and white photo print wall paper. Were it not for the I-Phones and Blackberrys resting on the tables like chocolate chips on a cookie, I would have wondered if the kitchen was actually a time machine. I sat at a table with all of the owners, as everyone floated about the room, joining conversations, dancing to music played by a dope DJ and enjoying the both well cooked and priced sea food dishes and steaks. For everyone escaping to the South during the winter months, Vesper is a must visit.

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