But, like, what does it mean???

Wearing Jewelry is an honor. It is an object, often passed on or purchased as a gift from one person to another. Its purpose; to convey meaning and emotion. Jewelry can show what words cannot display and is intended to last, as moments inevitably fade.

Jewelry is Art; created from nothing more than inspiration, materials, tools and the gift of the human hand. As these objects travel through the world, adorning the bodies of their carriers, they become sentimentally invaluable passengers on limitless journeys.

The Silver Native American Turquoise and Coral Ring was given to me when I was in my early 20’s by my grandmother, who purchased it sometime in the 50’s “out West”. She can’t remember where exactly or from who, but she always wore it until her fingers had become too swollen over time. The Silver ID Bracelet, inscribed with the name “BOB”  was given to my father as a teenager. I now wear it everyday. The Floral Broach, once a decorative button on a horses bridal, was the first gift my grandfather ever gave to my grandmother in their 63 years of marriage.


One thought on “But, like, what does it mean???

  1. What a tender and sweet post. The jewelry that I never take off has such profound meaning to me because of who wore it and who gave it to me. My wedding ring was the ring my father gave to my mother. This ring and myself are the physical embodiments of their love and marriage. The necklace I constantly wear was given to me by my husband’s sister before we were married. Being that it was from Tiffany’s it constituted as a serious gift. For me this was validation from the family of the person whom I loved enough to really stick out with. I never tire of feeling these pieces against my skin. They are a connection to love and family and therefore are incredibly grounding.

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