No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative…

Soo, what’s with the handcuffs? For some, the handcuff’s in the collection immediately evoke notions of bondage and S&M-esque activity. That is definitely SPICY. Or maybe it elicits memories of an unlucky night in the slammer? (whoops.) Either way, the handcuffs are physical symbols of restraint . We are all held back by obstacles in our lives that can leave us feeling bound by chains; we become physically and mentally immobile. Some obstacles we cannot control, as they are forced upon us by outside factors. The sad, yet simultaneously uplifting fact, is that we are often responsible for fastening our own restraints. It is nothing but our own minds that hold us back–our self imposed fears, insecurities and laziness. We all have the power to set ourselves free. Break the chains and fight for your freedom.


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