Identify Yourself

We don’t usually like labels, but we LOVE old school ID Bracelets…

Our first set of ID’s are nearly complete…fit for your wrist, fingers and neck. You’ll see…


Love to Love Lisbeth

Carrying the unsuspecting strength of a funnel cloud forming in the distance, Lisbeth Salander is a force to be reckoned with.  Whether you’ve witnessed the deceptively fragile front of Salander through Rapace, Mara or soley the word’s of Stieg Larsson, you can understand our admiration for this unlikely heroine. She knew how to hack into any computer system, spy like a world class assasin, and repay a rapist, all while wearing the shit out of some seriously cool jewelry. While Bijules had the honor of designing some of Salander’s Swag in David Fincher’s rendition of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, mediumspicy cannot help but continue to be inspired by our favorite girl.  Two rings featured in the 2011 film, made by Bijules ( :


double skull necklace in shades of gunmetal, mediumspicy

Game of Thrones Inspired Jewelry

We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground.

We love our dear Khalessi. Although we can’t arm ourselves with our own dragons (my eggs have yet to hatch), mediumspicy is oh so close to finishing up some serious Daenerys’ inspired jewelry. Image

khalessi pendant (front and back view) and Khalessi head dress/necklace.

“Internship”? no, thanks.

Internships have become an integral part of the professional world. We’ve all done them. And MediumSpicy hates them. More often than not, it is free labor with zero reward. Not cool. At MediumSpicy we have an apprenticeship program. You work for MediumSpicy and you get the opportunity to learn how to make your own jewelry. You’ll learn the basics of metal smithing, wax carving, casting, etc and be able to create anything your heart and soul desires. Contact to learn more about the apprenticeship program. Here are two recent pieces from some of our students…

ring by LOST KNIGHT NYC (brass “bat” on a double knuckle ring)

ring by MINKHAUS (antiqued brass bone on a double knuckle ring)


Look at Johnny Depp…homeboy rocked scissors as hands. Yeah, his hands were comprised solely of shiny, sharp metal. That’s some next level shit. He wore them so well, they actually came in handy as a defense weapon for fighting off all women that were relentlessly trying to get into his pants, despite his digital dilemma. So cut the “all I wear is a watch” bullshit, guys. Jewelry is dope, and maybe you can be, too.

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Special Edition HandCuff Rings…

I always found it interesting that in the Spanish Language, the commonly used word for wife (but not husband) is “esposa” and those handcuff things that police officers carry around and use to lock people up in jail are called “esposas”. It’s hard to imagine that this is merely a cooincidence. Perhaps men are not the only ones who consider their spouse to be muuuy parecido to a pair of handcuffs. This Special Edition Double Knuckle Handcuff Ring is encrusted with a set of black and white diamond wedding ring/engagement bands on “Barbie’s” ring finger. We aren’t saying that marriage is jail…it just might be a little bit like it…