Watch me screw myself…



mediumspicy chicken soup

homemade, from scratch, and mediumspiced to perfection. I don’t like recipes and refuse to follow them–even though i know there are quite a few good ones out there. I like to think of cooking as art. I know the flavors I like, and I know what I like paired together. The rest is  a mysterious experiment with an often sumptuous outcome. I can’t give you the recipe for mediumspicy chicken soup, since there isn’t one. But if you feel like making your own, which i highly suggest in these cold winter months, here is the jist:

low sodium chicken or vegetable broth, half a roasted chicken (with skin, mmm), garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, sliced JALAPENOS (de-seeded unless you want extra spicy), carrots, potatoes, and lime at the end. Throw in some salt as needed and whatever else suits your pallet. Keep it fresh, use the real deal, straight out the produce aisle ingredients. CrockPot highly recommended.

The Skull

Mediumspicy is currently creating a skull ring, reminiscent of that worn by Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch ( a purchase the three famous gentleman made while filming Dead Man). And of course, who can forget the silver skull ring worn by Keith Richards on the cover of his outrageously popular autobiography, “Life”.  The skull is a reminder of our own mortality–a suggestion that we should live like we are going to die. It is a symbol associated with horror and fear, a lifeless shell reeking of a tragic end. But life is short, my babies, and the only tragedy greater than it’s end is the time wasted throughout its duration. The promise of death is a gift, as it reminds us to really live.

photo taken at The Delano during Art Basel Miami 2011