making it mediumspicy circa The Golden Era

NOT spicy

Seventeen Magazine cover 1946






EXTRA spicy

One of my favorite movies of all time. You will love if: you dig impeccable 40’s vintage paraphernelia, crazy bitches, and Maine.

Leave Her to Heaven won the Oscar for Best Cinematography in 1945. Also, Martin Scorsese was quoted saying that this is one of his favorite films of all time and that Gene Tierney is one of the most underrated actresses of the Golden Era. Truth.

These two go together like patchouli and vanilla.

Old Hollywood films, united in a visual collage, and Iggy Pop, the musical glue that holds it all together. I always pictured myself listening to The Passenger, riding along the PCH, “He sees the winding ocean drive. And everything was made for you and me”. I finally got the chance last week, at a moment when I was reminded that things don’t often turn out as we expect or hope–but that doesn’t mean we should be left hopeless. “Just ride and ride and ride”…see what you can make for yourself.

That cold January LA night, I sat on a very empty Venice Beach for a while. Watching the sun sink slowly into the Pacific, I felt the darkness emerge and wrap around me like a cold, wool blanket. So I held onto that image of the drowning sun, so dim, a child would reject it as a nightlight, and I remembered that tomorrow it would once again rise bright, and that this raging discomfort was only an illusion.

A night out @Vesper @shelborne miami

Last night, I met up with an oldie but goodie friend and her husband, who happpen to be owners of the recently renovated Shelborne Hotel on South Beach. I arrived at the hotel and recieved a text message to head to the back to “Vesper”.  After asking the concierge where “Vesper” was, and mentioning who I was meeting, I was lead to the back of the hotel, past an al fresco dining area in front of the pool and through a large metal door, which turned out to be the entrance to the kitchen. As I curiously followed the gentleman c through the kitchen, I couldn’t help but feel like I was Henry (Ray Liotta) in Goodfellas, being escorted to a special gathering, the way a VIP should.

The restaurant was very retro, dimly lit to perfection and intimate. The red leather booths, combined with steel railings were enveloped in wall-to-ceiling vintage black and white photo print wall paper. Were it not for the I-Phones and Blackberrys resting on the tables like chocolate chips on a cookie, I would have wondered if the kitchen was actually a time machine. I sat at a table with all of the owners, as everyone floated about the room, joining conversations, dancing to music played by a dope DJ and enjoying the both well cooked and priced sea food dishes and steaks. For everyone escaping to the South during the winter months, Vesper is a must visit.