These two go together like patchouli and vanilla.

Old Hollywood films, united in a visual collage, and Iggy Pop, the musical glue that holds it all together. I always pictured myself listening to The Passenger, riding along the PCH, “He sees the winding ocean drive. And everything was made for you and me”. I finally got the chance last week, at a moment when I was reminded that things don’t often turn out as we expect or hope–but that doesn’t mean we should be left hopeless. “Just ride and ride and ride”…see what you can make for yourself.

That cold January LA night, I sat on a very empty Venice Beach for a while. Watching the sun sink slowly into the Pacific, I felt the darkness emerge and wrap around me like a cold, wool blanket. So I held onto that image of the drowning sun, so dim, a child would reject it as a nightlight, and I remembered that tomorrow it would once again rise bright, and that this raging discomfort was only an illusion.


I mean, you can do stuff by yourself, but there’s much to be said for a team effort…

We are not alone. And this guitar is no longer just a guitar.  

This is the original song/video for Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye. Can’t stop thinking about how something so well done can be recreated and transformed into something that still feels steam-cleaned fresh, without taking away an ounce of beauty and perfection from the original. It is successes like this that inspire my efforts as a designer.