“Internship”? no, thanks.

Internships have become an integral part of the professional world. We’ve all done them. And MediumSpicy hates them. More often than not, it is free labor with zero reward. Not cool. At MediumSpicy we have an apprenticeship program. You work for MediumSpicy and you get the opportunity to learn how to make your own jewelry. You’ll learn the basics of metal smithing, wax carving, casting, etc and be able to create anything your heart and soul desires. Contact info@mediumspicy.com to learn more about the apprenticeship program. Here are two recent pieces from some of our students…

ring by LOST KNIGHT NYC (brass “bat” on a double knuckle ring)

ring by MINKHAUS (antiqued brass bone on a double knuckle ring)


mediumspicy, spicy and extra spicy


Move over CHOLULA, there’s a new girl comin to town.  mediumspicy is working on a line of…wait for it….


lemon, garlic and CAYENNE. lime JALAPENO. mango HABANERO. Stock up on some Coronas…and maybe some antacids, we are coming for you.  The photo above, that I’m tempted to make love to, is from an article in DownEaster magazine. All the hot sauces are locally produced in Maine–one more reason I can’t get enough of this underrated State.

mediumspicy chicken soup

homemade, from scratch, and mediumspiced to perfection. I don’t like recipes and refuse to follow them–even though i know there are quite a few good ones out there. I like to think of cooking as art. I know the flavors I like, and I know what I like paired together. The rest is  a mysterious experiment with an often sumptuous outcome. I can’t give you the recipe for mediumspicy chicken soup, since there isn’t one. But if you feel like making your own, which i highly suggest in these cold winter months, here is the jist:

low sodium chicken or vegetable broth, half a roasted chicken (with skin, mmm), garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, sliced JALAPENOS (de-seeded unless you want extra spicy), carrots, potatoes, and lime at the end. Throw in some salt as needed and whatever else suits your pallet. Keep it fresh, use the real deal, straight out the produce aisle ingredients. CrockPot highly recommended.

making it mediumspicy circa The Golden Era

NOT spicy

Seventeen Magazine cover 1946






EXTRA spicy

One of my favorite movies of all time. You will love if: you dig impeccable 40’s vintage paraphernelia, crazy bitches, and Maine.

Leave Her to Heaven won the Oscar for Best Cinematography in 1945. Also, Martin Scorsese was quoted saying that this is one of his favorite films of all time and that Gene Tierney is one of the most underrated actresses of the Golden Era. Truth.